About SJS Tour Consultant´╗┐

SJS Tour consultant is a group of three friends. Sarfraz Shahzad, Jawwad Nafees and Sheraz Ahmad. From the first letter of our names, we have made SJS. We want to promote tourism in Pakistan. We are very keen to visit different areas of Pakistan, and we have visited many areas of Pakistan.

SJS Tour Consultant have decided to share experiences, photography and videos with people inside Pakistan and outside Pakistan. And guide the tourists that which place are available to visit and how can they plan their tour. We charge no fees, We are guiding people without any fees.

Once in a year SJS Tour Consultant plan a hiking and tracking tour in Northern areas, and we camp there. We have visited different lakes Saiful Muluk Lake, Ansoo Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, and this year in 2015 we have visited Saral Lake. These all lakes are a gift of nature, very beautiful and wonderful landscapes are there to see.

Also we have visited different mosques, tombs, gardens and forts in Pakistan like Faisal mosque, Bhong mosque, Sakeena tul Sughra mosque, Badshahi mosque, Fort munro, Derawar fort, Fort Shahi (Shahi Qila), Shalimar Garden, Minto Park, Sohan Velley.

If you want consultancy from SJS Tour Consultant contact us, we will guide you without any charges and try to give you a best plan so that you can enjoy your tour either with your friends or your families.