Ansoo Lake (Ansoo Jheel)


Ansoo is word of Urdu language, and in English it is translated as “tear”. The shape of this lake is same like a tear (Ansoo) so that is why this lake is known as Ansoo Lake. Its altitude is approximately 4245 meter. Its track is interesting but difficult. For some time you have to walk totally on snow. Very rare people can see the actual shape of Ansoo Lake, because most of time it remains covered with snow. And some people reached near it but due to heavy fog, they cannot see the actual view. So your luck matters when you visit Ansoo Lake.


The weather is very uncertain in these areas so be careful when you are going Ansoo lake. It is difficult to walk on snow as compared to walk on ground. So your shoes should be strong enough to walk easily on snow. Carry a hiking stick with you.


large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Track

For Ansoo Lake track, first you have to reach Saiful muluk Lake from Naran. You can reach Saiful muluk Lake by Jeep because Jeep track is available, and if you want to cover this track on foot then you can also reach through shortcut. You should stay one night in Siaful muluk Lake because you should be fresh for Ansoo lake track. Spend one night in Saiful muluk and then next day start your journey towards Ansoo Lake. Cross the Saiful Muluk Lake and the track which is going towards Malika Parbat, the same track goes towards Ansoo Lake. After three to four hours tracking you will reach Ansoo Base Camp. Ansoo base camp is also a stay point. You will see one to two camps there, who are the resident of that area. Here you can stay for half an hour or you can spend one night here as you want. After relaxing here in Ansoo base camp, start walking towards Ansoo Lake, a single track is going towards it. You have to walk with care and remember do not take too much luggage with you. You should have a Jacket, rain coat, a stick and a bottle of water and something to eat while walking.


After walking two to three hours you will find track totally covered with snow. Walking on snow is very difficult. The track is small but because of snow it takes three to four hours to reach Ansoo lake. Most important while walking on snow, wear sunglasses, because direct sunlight reflected from snow damage your eyesight so wear sunglasses and use sun block to save your skin. If you are visiting Ansoo Lake with your friends do not use horses to ride, because hiking and tracking is a fun. And if you are visiting with your family then horses are available on Saiful muluk Lake.

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