Beautiful Lakes in Pakistan


Saral Lake, an awesome lake located in Azad Kashmir,Pakistan. The altitude of saral lake is 13600 feet.Very less people visit saral lake due to difficult track.You cannot go there by using any conveyance.There is no Jeep track, you have to walk on foot, andyou need at least two days to reach there and then two more days to come back.




Ansoo is word of Urdu language, and in English it is translated as “tear”. The shape of this lake is same like a tear (Ansoo) so that is why this lake is known as Ansoo Lake. Its altitude is approximately 4245meter. Its track is interesting but difficult. For some time you have to walk totally on snow. Very rare people can see the actual shape of Ansoo Lake, because most of time it remains covered with snow. ..




Dudiptsar_LakeDudipatsar Lake is a very beautiful and wonderful lake in Pakistan. Its altitude is 3800 meter. Its track is also very beautiful; you will find glaciers on the way. There is no jeep track so families cannot go there, because you have to walk at least 6 to 8 hours to reach near Dudipatsar Lake. If you have luggage with you then you can arrange a porter. . ..




Lulusar Lake

Once We trip to Lulusar Lake it was amazing. The trak to lulusar lake is very and accessable from Naran. This lake is blue in colour and worth watching. We recommend all of you to visit this lake and give us your feed back about your experience with this lake. You can explore more about this lake by clicking below...




Banjosa Lake Banjosa Lake is an artificial lake located in Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir. It is very beautiful lake in Pakistan. From all sides, it is surrounded by Jungle. It is decorated very beautifully. Friends and Family tours can be arranged here. Educational institutes can also manage a trip here in Banjosa Lake. Huts are also available here for night stay.Banjosa Lake is about 20 kilometers away from Rawalakot city. And its altitude is 1981 meter.




Pyala lake Pyala is a word of Urdu, in English it is translated as “Cup”. This Lake is shaped like cup that is why this lake is known as Pyala Lake. The color of water of this lake is green. This is also a natural lake. People come here from far away to visit this lake. As compared to other lakes this is very small lake.The route of this lake is also very easy. People who come Naran valley, they can easily visit this lake, and I will suggest people that whenever.........




Saiful Muluk Lake Saiful Muluk Lake is one of the very famous Lake in Pakistan. Many people visit this lake during season because its approach is very easy. Jeep track is available so friends and families can easily reach there. The Lake is in between the two mountains. The reflection of these mountains can be seen in the lake which enhance the beauty of this lake.




Kallar Kahar Lake

Kallar Kahar is one of the very famous lake in Pakistan. People of Pakistan and from outside world visit this lake frequently. Because the route for this lake is very easy and secure. It is located near Chakwal district of Punjab. Lahore-Islamabad motorway is usually used to reach this lake. I will also recommend that those who are planning to visit...