Saral Lake

Saral Lake, an awesome lake located in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The altitude of saral lake is 13600 feet. Very less people visit saral lake due to difficult track. You cannot go there by using any conveyance. There is no Jeep track, you have to walk on foot, and you need at least two days to reach there and then two more days to come back.


large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Track

There are three routes to reach Saral Lake.

1. Naran to Behsal and then Behsal to Saral Lake
2. Noori Top to Saral
3. Azad Kashmir to Saral

large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Recommended Track

The easy and beautiful track is first one. It takes two days to reach Saral Lake through this route. From Naran valley, there is a famous stay point by the name of Behsal towards Gilgit. You should stay one night in Behsal so that you can start your journey early in the morning. Your first destination should be Mulla ki basti, which is very near to Dudipatsar Lake. The track is very difficult so you should be fresh and with less luggage. I will recommend that you should not carry any luggage, because it becomes very difficult to walk on mountains with luggage.

It takes at least 6 hours to reach Mulla ki basti and then 2 more hours to reach Dudipatsar Lake. Do not try to reach Saral in one day, you cannot reach there in one day, so walk slowly and enjoy the track, the landscapes, the meadows and chashmas. Take rest at Mulla ki Basti and then visit Dudipatsar Lake and come back to your stay point Mulla ki basti. Spend your night there, if you do not have camps then do not worry, camps and food are available there, but I recommend you to arrange your food, if you can.

Next day start your journey towards Saral lake, and today you have to walk more because your destination is Saral lake and the track is very long. You will not find any stay point in between, you have to stay at Saral. And remember that do not see the lake from mountains, go near to Saral lake and stay there. Track is very difficult you cannot come here again and again.

large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Track to return

There are two ways to come back to Naran, first is the one which you have used for reaching Saral and other is from Noori top. Noori top is at right side of Saral lake, and also the track is very very difficult, there is no stay point you have to walk more than before to reach Jalkhad. If you cannot walk more, use the same route to return. Saral to Mulla ki basti, stay there and next day come to Naran from Mulla ki basti.

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