Bhong Mosque (Masjid Bhong)

Bhong Mosque (Masjid Bhong) is a very beautiful mosque in Pakistan but only few people know about this mosque. Bhong Mosque (Masjid Bhong) is located in Bhong which is an area of Sadiqabad, and Sadiqabad is a tehsil of Rahim Yar Khan, whereas Rahim Yar Khan is famous city of Punjab.

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This mosque has a unique infrastructure and the building material used in this mosque is imported from different places. The marble which is used in floor it remains cold even in very hot seasons. The roof of mosque is made of gold. It is not located in a large area but due to its design and architecture people come here from far away.

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If you are planning to visit this mosque, take a bus direct for Sadiqabad because Sadiqabad is a big city and good transportation is available direct for Sadiqabad. Remember that Rahim Yar Khan is the last province of Punjab it takes at least 10 hours to reach Rahim Yar Khan from Lahore and then approximately 30 minutes more to reach Sadiqabad. Take a car on rent and reach Bhong mosque (Masjid Bhong). Visit Bhong Mosque (Masjid Bhong) and try to find any person from mosque management so that he can tell you in detail about this mosque. Last but not the least when you come back from home buy a famous sweet of Sadiqabad which is known as Doodh Masoo (Dodh Maiso).


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Bhong Mosque