Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake is a very beautiful and wonderful lake in Pakistan. Its altitude is 3800 meter. Its track is also very beautiful; you will find glaciers on the way. There is no jeep track so families cannot go there, because you have to walk at least 6 to 8 hours to reach near Dudipatsar Lake. If you have luggage with you then you can arrange a porter. The track of this Lake is not so difficult so now many people start visiting this Lake. You can capture beautiful landscapes and sceneries in your camera.

Dudipatsar Lake

large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Track

There are two different tracks to visit Dudipatsar Lake:

  1. From Jalkhad to Noori Top and Noori Top to Dudipatsar Lake
  2. From Besal to Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake Dudipatsar Lake

large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Recommended Track

I will recommend you the track which we have used because we find it small and safe. First you have to reach Besal which can be your first stay point. Stay one night here and left for Dudipatsar Lake next day early in the morning. If you have luggage with you, you can arrange a porter with you or if you do not want to take a porter with you, leave your luggage in the hotel.

Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake

Keep only important things with you like water bottle, something to eat, hiking stick, rain coat, and jacket, because weather is very uncertain in these areas so you have to be prepare for every weather condition. Also keep sun block cream with you because cool weather and direct sun light can damage your skin.

Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake Dudipatsar Lake

There is only one main stay point “Mulla ki basti’ where you should spend one night. Mulla ki basti is near Dudipatsar Lake but still you need two more hours to reach Dudipatsar Lake. You can rest here and you can enjoy your lunch. You can get food from Mulla ki Basti, but if you have arranged your own food then it is better. If you have not your camps with you do not worry because camps are also available here to stay at night. Walk two more hours and visit beautiful Dudipatsar Lake, spend some time there, record videos and take pictures.

Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake Dudipatsar Lake  Dudipatsar Lake

Come back to Mulla ki Basti before sun set because there is no system of electricity so it will be difficult to walk in darkness. Stay one night here and then come back next day to Besal through same track. It takes at least three days to visit this Lake.