Sohan Halwa is very famous sweet of Multan. Multan is a historic city of Pakistan it is also famous due to tombs of religious leaders. People from all over the world come here and buy Sohan Halwa from Multan. If you have not tried it yet, visit Multan city, and tast Sohan Halwa.



Dhodha is a sweet like halwa, it is a famous sweet of Khushab. Khushab is a district of Punjab. Many few people know about it, but it is also a very tasty and different type of sweet. It is very easily available in Khushab Bus stop, There are too many shops available in bus stop, so it is very difficult to find the original one.



Revri is also a sweet, it is a famous sweet of Chakwal. Chakwal is also a district of Punjab. It is like a toffee. Revri comes in the category of dry fruits, people eat it mostly in cold weather, but it is available in market whole year.



Rosh is a very very tasty dish, it is mostly available in south Punjab like Bahawalpur, and Rajanpur areas. Basically it is a dish of Pathans, it is like a piece of beef or mutton served with soup (yakhni). It is not costly and the serving style of this dish is very attractive. If you order a rosh, you will not get only the rosh but you will get extra food with it like a small plate of qeema aalo, a small plate of beans (daal), a small plate of vegetable.