Knapsack is very important in your tour, so choose your knapsack very carefully. Do not fill it with extra luggage; take only light weight and important things with you like jacket, rain coat, glasses, shirt, trousers, etc. Your knapsack should be comfortable, because if you are not comfortable with your knapsack, you cannot walk on tracks more than one hour. Knapsacks are easily available in market. You can buy from anywhere.

2.Hiking Sticks


Hiking sticks helps you in walking on these rough tracks, these tracks are totally sloppy, sometime slope down, and some time slope up. So sticks help you to walk easily, because it works like your third leg, and balance your weight. So by using sticks your weight is divided in three legs and it become relatively easy to walk on northern areas. You can also buy these sticks from market. We can also help you, if you cannot find sticks from market. We can purchase it for you.



Although hotels are available in most of the areas, but if you are planning to visit Saral Lake, Aansu Lake, or Dudipatsar Lake, you should arrange your camps with you. Because there is no stay point available. If you are a regular visitor of northern areas, then buy your own camps, it is a onetime expense, then every time it will save your hotel expenses. Camps are available in different sizes and shapes from special markets, if you cannot find them, we can help you. Try to buy water proof camps, because weather is very uncertain in northern areas.

4.Sleeping Bags

sleeping bag-001sleeping bag-002

If you are planning to buy a camp for your tour, then arrange your sleeping bags also. Because the camps are not enough to spend whole night. The weather is too much cold in northern areas, especially in night. So purchase light weight sleeping bags from market, so that you can comfortably sleep in night. Contact us, if you cannot find sleeping bags from market.

5.Sleeping Mats


Sleeping mats are also available in market and they are also very necessary because the surface of grounds are wet and rough, so use mats so that you can sit or sleep comfortably.

6.Rain Coat


As I have told you that weather is very uncertain in northern areas, one moment there is a sharp sunlight that you will feel hot and the next moment sky will cover with dark clouds and it will start raining. So keep your rain coat in your knapsack so that you can wear it quickly.