The Beautiful Lulusar Lake Pakistan

There are many beautiful and exceptional lakes present in Pakistan. One of the all-time favorite and best place to visit is Lulusar Lake Pakistan. It is a natural lake but in shape and size it is very different from other jheels. This beauty is located between two famous picnic points Jalkhad and Gittidas. It is very beautiful and surrounded by mountains. Lulusar lake height from sea level is 3410 meter which is 11,200 ft. The water of this is then mix in river Kunhar which is a very famous river of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

You can stay here for video recording and photography. Boating is also available but there is no stay point in Lulusar Lake Pakistan so you have to come back to Naran Kaghan from this point. This is a wonderful lake and its beauty attracts the tourist from all over the world. You can get travelling services from us and travelling with us will be the best trip to naran kaghan from Lahore. You can visit this between March and October after that track close due to heavy rain fall and no one go there. Also the resident of these areas, left their homes and migrate for 5 months to other areas.


Things to do on Lulusar Lake

Once our company arrange a trip to Lulusar Lake. This was a wonderful trip, We started from Lahore and our first stay was in Naran after a long and continuous journey. On 2nd day we decided to go babusar top and when we reach near gatti das this beautiful treasure was also there so we stopped there.

It was a very beautiful view and bluish green water color of lake delighted our hearts. There are nothing much to do on this lake but few things which you can do are following:

3 things to do there

  1. Photography
  2. Boating (May be some time you found some boats)
  3. Eating (Some food sellers will be found there)

Do not try to come close to the bank of jheel because it is different from others in terms of dangerous, The bank or edge of  is not slop type means it can be very deep even from starting point and Lulusar Lake depth is not known yet, Hence one little mistake can lead towards life threatening. It is thought that it would be so deep. Its water does not dry throughout the year.

Lulusar Lake Pictures

Some of the beautiful pictures that we capture on the moment when we stayed there are sharing with you below with little description.

Lulusar Lake Pictures    Lulusar Lake Pakistan


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