One Day – Family Tours

If you are planning family tours then think twice about your plan because if you did not make a good plan, whole family will taunt you. So be careful because family tours are very important. People of every age group included in this tour, so make your family tour a memorable and joyful so that each and every person can enjoy the trip

Suggestion # 1: (Khewra Salt Mines – Kallar Kahar & Katas Raj Temple)

Katas Raj Temple

For one day you can plan a tour towards Khewra mines and Kallar Kahar Lake. If you have your own conveyance then well and good, otherwise hire a bus or coaster according to your family size. Manage your time according to distance, and reach Khewra mines. Khewra mines is a salt range. Tourism department has arranged a laari (mini train) for tourists, which provide pick and drop service inside the mine. Visit the mine from inside, record videos and take pictures and then come outside. If you want to take lunch you can here but if you want to move to next destination then reach Kallar Kahan, and lunch there. Kallar Kahar is a beautiful lake; here you will find restaurants also. Boating and riding is also available here. Children can enjoy a lot here. If you are visiting in winter season then you can visit these two places only but if you are visiting in summer season you can visit another point Katas Raj Temple. This temple is also a good location to visit. These all three points are near to each other you can visit these three points in one day easily.


Suggestion # 2: (Rana Resort)

rana resort

For one day family picnic you can visit Rana Resort. It is an artificial Jungle where you will find beautiful animals especially the dear which are running in the jungle openly. This point is very attractive picnic point for children and elders. Young boys can play cricket also. Restaurants are also available here and you can Bar-b-Que also. Rana Resort is located in Lahore – Okara road near head Baloki. Here you can enjoy fish also.


Suggestion # 3: (Shahi Qila – Badshahi Mosque – Minar-e-Pakistan)

Lahore Fort

For one day family picnic you can also visit Shahi Qila “The Lahore Fort”, Badshahi mosque and Minar-e-Pakistan. These three locations you can visit in one day easily. Spend your maximum time in Shahi Qila because there are many little places to see and then visit Badshahi Mosque. Also visit tomb of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, which is located in the area of Shahi Qila and Badshahi Mosque. Then in the end move towards Minar-e-Pakistan, which is in front of Shahi Qila.