One Day

If you are planning a tour with your friends then you should make a thrilling and adventures plan. So that whenever you will watch your recorded videos, and your snaps you will enjoy again and again.

Suggestion # 1: (Changa Manga Forest)

Changa Manga Forest

If you want to enjoy one day with your friends you can visit Changa Manga. Changa Manga is an artificial forest located in Lahore. Here you can spend you full day very easily. Boating is available here. Grounds are also available where boys can play cricket.

There are many beautiful locations where you can enjoy with your friends and record your videos and take memorable pictures.


Suggestion # 2: (Hiran Minar)

hiran minar

Hinar Minar is a historic place located in Sheikhupura. It is also a beautiful place where you can enjoy with your friends. Family tours and educational tours can also be arranged here.

Beautiful grounds are here to play cricket for boys. Boating is also available. You can Bar-b-Que here. Restaurants are also available there where you can get cooked food.