1.Sun Glasses


Take sun glasses with you, because if you are visiting northern areas covered with snow then direct sun light reflected from snow cause various eye diseases, your eyes become swell and it will irritate you all the times, so be careful and do not forget to wear sun glasses. Those who already use eyesight glasses, they also have to arrange special sunglasses according to their number.

2.Shoes & Joggers


As I have told you that these areas are very sloppy, also you have to walk on rocks, and water so your shoes will be comfortable and strong as well. Ordinary shoes broken down very early, so try to buy water proof, and strong shoes which can save you from any leg injury. Combination of good shoes, comfortable knapsack and hiking sticks make it very easy to walk on these areas.

3.Cold Cream/Sun Blocks


Take cold cream and sun blocks with you because due to cold weather your skin will be damaged badly. So use cold creams in the night and sun blocks in the day. Remember you are on very height, and direct sunlight will damage your eyes and skin so be careful and enjoy your trip comfortably.



Take lighters with you, it helps you many time, but do not use lighters in camp, it can damage your luggage and camps. So be careful to use fire. If you are smoker then go outside camp. Save yourself and save others. Enjoy the tour and do not make it a danger for you and your friends.