Pyala Lake

Pyala is a word of Urdu, in English it is translated as “Cup”. This Lake is shaped like cup that is why this lake is known as Pyala Lake. The color of water of this lake is green. This is also a natural lake. People come here from far away to visit this lake. As compared to other lakes this is very small lake.The route of this lake is also very easy. People who come Naran valley, they can easily visit this lake, and I will suggest people that whenever you come here in Naran valley, you should visit this Pyala lake also because the road is very smooth and good you can easily visit this lake.


large-colored-bullets-3-0-14248 Track

The track of Pyala Lake is very easy. Jeep track is available. You can easily reach here. There is a famous picnic point Jalkhad, where this lake is exactly located. If you are coming from Naran side, hire a jeep and reach Jalkhad. Here you can enjoy cold water of river kunhar (Darya e Kunhar), and then visit Pyala lake, which is at walking distance from Jalkhad. Families come here to enjoy their picnic. Small restaurants are available here. And also hotels are available here for night stay.

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People usually do not stay here, they stay at Naran mostly. But those people who came here for special hiking and tracking purpose they can stay here to spend one night. Those who are planning to visit Dudipatsar Lake or Saral Lake, they can stay here on night because here you find better room as compared to Besal.