Story of Bhong Mosque in English by Jawwad Nafees

Bhong mosque is located in a small area of Pakistan, that is why many less people know about it. People of Pakistan and outside Pakistan do not visit these areas for tourism. When they think to spend their holidays they always travel towards Islamabad, Murree and other northern areas. But I am telling you that whole Pakistan is very beautiful and there are many places to visit in all over the Pakistan. There are tombs, forts (Derawar fort, Shahi Fort, Fort Munro, etc), mosques (Faisal mosque, Sakeena tul Sughra mosque, Bhong mosque, etc) and gardens (Shalimar garden, etc) etc available to visit. And also lakes (Saiful muluk lake, Ansoo lake, Saral lake, Lulusar lake, Piyala lake, etc) and hilly areas (Sohan valley, Kaghan valley, Naran valley, Shogran valley, etc) to visit in northern areas.

Bhong Mosque

Last year in December 2014, I have visited Bhong mosque. Actually I was going Sadiqabad for my official work, so I Jawwad Nafees with my friends Zahid Aziz, Jahanzeb Altaf and Abdul Waheed decided that this time we will visit Bhong mosque. Sadiqabad is a tehsil of Rahim Yar Khan and Rahim Yar Khan is a province of Punjab. We have started our journey towards Sadiqabad through Daewoo bus service; it takes 10 hours to Reach Rahim Yar Khan from Lahore and then 30 more minutes to reach Sadiqabad. It was very long journey so we always prefer good bus service whenever we have to travel. We reached Rahim Yar Khan about 10:00 PM and then from Rahim Yar Khan to Sadiqabad about 10:45 PM. We have found a hotel for night stay and put our luggage in the room. We were very hungry because we were traveling since last 12 hours so we have left the room in search of dinner, only one shop was open at that time because it was near bus stop. After taking dinner and tea we came back to our room and we have decided that tomorrow we will visit Bhong mosque. We have decided that after completing our duties we all will reach the hotel as soon as possible and then we will visit Bhong mosque. Next day we all have left our room for our official duty and about 3:00 PM we have started our journey towards Bhong mosque. Bhong is an area of Sadiqabad where this mosque is located.

Bhong Mosque

There is a big bazaar all around the Bhong mosque. Mosque has one big gate which was closed due to security reasons. This gate is opened only on Friday or Eid days. We have parked the car and entered into the mosque. From outside it was not attractive but when we entered into the mosque then we have observed its original beauty. Its architecture was very different, imported building material is used in this mosque. A big size sculpture of QURAN is made at the main entrance of mosque. We have visited the mosque, took snaps and we were coming back, then suddenly an old man stopped us and asked us who are you and where are you come from? We have introduced ourselves then he asked us what you have seen here. We have told him, then he said you have seen nothing, come with me I am the manager and I will tell you the detail.

Bhong Mosque  Bhong Mosque  Bhong Mosque  IMG-007

The old man told us about the Bhong mosque in detail that this mosque was started building in 1982 and still labors are inside the mosque which are working on daily basis. Marble for floor was imported from different places. He told us that the roof of the mosque is made of gold paper, and he showed us the gold paper also. Then he had opened a room which they open only for special visitors. He told us that last time this room was opened for Mian Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister of Pakistan, and he gave his comments on comment book.

Bhong Mosque   Bhong Mosque

Also he has told us that this Bhong mosque area belongs to Nawab family, whose palace is also attached with the mosque, but this palace is not open for visitors.

After visiting the Bhong mosque the old man told us that you are lucky that I am here and I have told you about this mosque. We said thanks to him and left  the mosque. It was very good experience. After reaching back to Sadiqabad we have bought a special sweet of that area which is known as Doodh Maiso, which is like Halwa, but the taste is different and good. I have not seen and eaten this type of sweet before. I will recommend you that you should visit this Bhong mosque, and taste this special sweet of Sadiqabad. Pakistan is very beautiful; you should visit all areas of Pakistan.

Bhong Mosque  Bhong Mosque  Bhong Mosque