Story of MOSQUE SAKEENA TUL SUGHRA by Jawwad Nafees

I am sure you have definitely heard about the Faisal Mosque of Islamabad & probably you have visited many times in your life. Faisal Mosque is the beautiful mosque in Pakistan, whose architecture is very unique and wonderful. But today I am not telling you about Faisal Mosque. I will share my amazing experience with you regarding another beautiful and wonderful mosque located in Pakistan, The mosque Sakeena tul sughra.

Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra

Mosque Sakeen tul Sughra is a very beautiful mosque located in Jatoi, Muzaffargarh. Muzaffargarh is a very famous city of Pakistan, basically Muzaffargarh is a district of Punjab, and Jatoi is a tehsil of Muzaffargarh. This mosque is located in Jatoi which is not a very big city. That is why people of Pakistan and abroad do not know about this mosque. Many less people know about it because these areas are not used to be visited for tourism.

Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra

I was going Muzaffargarh for some official work, we were three friends from same department I Jawwad Nafees, Jahanzeb Altaf and Zahid Aziz. We have to reach Alipur, which is also a tehsil of Muzaffargarh. We have left Lahore, and reached Multan by bus service, and then from Multan we have changed another bus to reach Muzaffargarh. After reaching Muzaffargarh, we have changed another bus for Alipur. Alipur is about 60 KM away from Muzaffargarh. We were reached there in the evening and find a hotel for night stay. In the hotel we have met with another colleague who is from another department. During dinner he asked us that do you know there is a beautiful mosque in Jatoi? I have never heard about this mosque Sakeena tul Sughra but my friends know its name, but they have not visited this mosque before. So we have decided that tomorrow is Friday, finish our work as soon as possible and we will offer our Jumma prayer in Mosque Sakeena tulSughra. Next day we have left our hotel to perform our duties, after performing the duty everybody has tried to reach Jatoi mosque in time but unfortunately no one can reach there because Jatoi is about 18 KM away from Alipur. So everybody has offered his Jumma prayer in his own way and then we have reached the gate of mosque Sakeena tul Sughra after Jumma.

Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra

Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra

People were leaving mosque after offering their prayer so there is no rush in the mosque, only the management was there and the people who came here to visit mosque Sakeena tul Sughra like us. When we enter into the mosque all off us said SUBHAN ALLAH and MASHA ALLAH. We cannot imagine that there is a beautiful mosque in this small city. It is very wonderful and awesome mosque, the area of mosque is covered by green grounds, imported marble is placed on floor, doors were made of good quality wood. Residents of that area told us that this mosque is made by a Pakistani doctor who lives in America, and this mosque is built according to the turkey style. We have taken pictures there and visited the mosque, it has three floors that is why a large amount of people can offer their prayer. There is a proper system of cool water for Wazoo, inspite of hot weather the tap water was cold. This mosque is a tremendous example of Islamic calligraphy. I and my friends were very happy to see such a beautiful mosque in this area.

Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra  Mosque Sakeena tul Sughra

I will recommend you that visit the mosque Sakeena tul Sughra with your family and friends. If you live far away from Muzaffargarh then use a bus service to reach Muzaffargarh and then take a car on rent to visit this mosque. Also I will recommend you that come here in summer season so that you can enjoy special mangoes of this city, and bottles of cool and sweet milk which you will find on the road side shops, and if you find any tube well in this area enjoy bath with cool water. These tips will definitely add joy and fun to your trip.